AirBnB property photography

An interior photo shoot for another AirBnB property in Brighton the other day. This one was right in town in the North Laine area, near pub The Pond.

There are three bedrooms in this holiday let house. This is one of the two doubles.

A small single bedroom in between.

Hard to take more meaningful photos of that one. The third one was spacious again, though.

You know what happened when I took this photo above? As I was trying to take the shot from as far away from the bed as possible so it wouldn’t look distorted by an extreme wide angle lens, my back touched a mirror on the wall and it crashed down and broke. Luckily the mirror itself didn’t break but only its frame, so I was able to put it back together and pretend nothing happened. ;-) Never believe what you see in a photo nowadays, because Photoshop can change reality in a couple of minutes!

Before editing… (I’m sure they have replaced the mirror since)

To be honest, I think I was cursed this day. After breaking the mirror frame in the previous room, I thought I’d take a photo of the corridor with the doors of the fabulous wardrobe closed, and then opened, so clients can see the hanging etc space at their disposal.

Only, I wasn’t able to close the door after I’d opened it! Thank goodness Emma was there at the property with me so she could sort everything out after me.

Which brings me to the kitchen. First general shots of the room.

…and the teas and coffee provided for guests…

Then Emma said: “Hey, maybe you could take a photo from the window, looking down onto the outdoor area?”

Well, the window didn’t open very smoothly and easily so I asked Emma to open it. I wasn’t going to risk breaking the sash window trying to open it, given my track record of the day so far!

Nice outdoors chill-out area, though, eh?

A couple of more photos of the living / dining room.


For AirB&B and other holiday let properties, it’s good to show where everything is in relation to the other rooms and floors of the house. I showed the stairs in a couple of the photos.

There was no other way to show the first stairs when entering the house other than point the camera down, which I hate doing when photographing interiors. But this is just to demonstrate that there are steps to take as soon as you enter the property. I included a tiny bit of the kitchen chair for reference so guests get an idea where everything is located.

To finish the shoot, I took a photo of the pub opposite.

…and a couple of shots of the exterior of the building.

If you’d like your holiday let property – or any other kind of dwelling for that matter – photographed, do give me a call or send a quick email. I promise not to break anything! This was the one and only time I’ve ever caused anything to break on a shoot and I’m back to my normal calm and collected self again, so you will be fine! :D

Contact details are in the footer. I look forward to hearing from you!