Hey there, I’m Katariina

What I do

I help people who need a good portrait of themselves look and feel fantastic. I also help businesses that have something great to offer the world, show off their products and services in dazzling pictures that are irresistible to their clients and prospects.

Apparently I acquired a good eye for a picture through my genes (my father was a photographer all his life). I have no formal school education in photography, but I have an ARPS distinction from Royal Photographic Society, which is considered to be roughly the same level as a University Degree in photography.

I make every shoot as much fun as I can. 'Professional', 'friendly' and 'fun' are words that I hear most when I get feedback from clients.

Things that fire me up

Quite unusually for a professional photographer, I'm a big proponent of mobile phone photography. (Not when I take photos for clients, of course - but for anything else.) I think it's brilliant that we all have a small camera with us at all times and can take photos and use our creative powers whenever we want.

When I'm not taking photos for clients I'm out walking my dogs on The Downs, the beach or the woods and taking photos with my mobile phone. I love being at sea, and I am kind of addicted to learning new things... I'm currently learning Spanish and Mandarin Chinese and I'm looking forward to having more free time again so I can continue my saxophone and drumming lessons.

Update for 2022: I have long covid and hence can only work less than half the amount I did when in normal health. I'm not able to take long, all day assignments currently (unless I can take a couple of long breaks during the day). I can work continuously up to about 4-5 hours, depending on the type of photoshoot. Regardless of these limitations, I enjoy working as much as  I did before, so you'll still be in safe hands!

Work with me

I'm determined to create the best possible images for every client - and I actually mean that; I constantly strive to become better at my craft, and I get my kicks out of people loving the work I've done for them.

When you hire me you can rest assured that all your wishes will be heard, and at the end of the day, everything possible (within reason) will be done to make sure that you are VERY happy with the end result. If in doubt, refer to my photography testimonials page.

Work with me and we'll create the best photos you have ever had. Send me an e-mail by clicking here or give me a call on 07951 635802.

Frequently Asked Questions