How to prepare for a portrait photo shoot


  • Avoid complicated prints and patterns (and strong stripes) as they will draw the attention away from your face.
  • Ideally wear simple design in one colour. You can always add a splash of different colour with an accessory.
  • Figure hugging clothes are better than baggy ones – for all body types.
  • (Mostly for women) ;-) Check that your bra is suitable for your top, i.e. doesn’t show through, doesn’t poke out where you don’t want it to, etc.


  • Have clean hair and wear it in the style that you are used to. Don’t try something completely new for the photo shoot – you may not like how it looks.
  • If you have your hair cut or dyed for the shoot, do it at least a few days before the shoot, just in case it doesn’t turn out as you thought it would.


  • If you pluck your eyebrows, have them tidied the day before rather than just before your shoot so that the skin has time to settle.


  • Check that your fingernails are clean and tidy. No chipped nail varnish.


  • (Mostly for men) ;-) If you are prone to ‘five o’clock shadow’ and want to look clean-shaven, don’t forget to shave a few hours before your shoot.

The day before:

  • Avoid alcohol in the evening
  • Have a good rest so that you will feel awake, refreshed and relaxed on the day, which will make you look your best in your photos!

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