AirBnB holiday let property photographer in Brighton

I’ve done quite a few Brighton AirBnB property photography assignments now and have learned to do them quickly and efficiently.

These commissions are shorter than my regular interior photoshoots that I do for the independent sector or a designer. When I work with an interior designer I need to take very specific photos that showcase their work for their prospective clients. AirBnB property photoshoots are simpler: they only need good quality photos showing the rooms clearly and realistically, and some photos to show the general layout.

A few detail photos are also needed – to convey the atmosphere of the home. Close-up shots add a lot of personality to a set of photos potential customers flick through when looking for a place to book. General wide angle shots can be impersonal and “clinical” or uninteresting.

If the owner of the property has made an effort to add a personal or stylistic touch to the place with curious details, I think it’s my job to take photos of them.

I really enjoy taking photos of holiday let properties that have been especially designed for the purpose. Like this one right in the heart of Brighton’s West Street. When I walked in and saw this room I was immediately cheered up by the joy of colour. And it takes a creative eye to pair the plain bunk bed with that gorgeous white chest of drawers. The frivolous, tall flowers are the icing on the cake for this room.

The playful ideas of the designer carried into the kitchen in this property.

I mean, who would have thought to put some greenery on top of that long and narrow kitchen table? Not me! But Gigi did. Her imaginative and exuberant designs exhilarate me and make my job that much more joyous.

These AirBnB holiday let shoots only take an hour as I go round the property from room to room and take both general shots and details. And post processing is minimal when you know what you are doing at the time of shooting. This is why I’m able to do this kind of photography for a lower rate than when working to a more demanding brief for either an interior designer’s portfolio or a specific brochure or other purpose in the independent sector.

I really enjoy doing these shoots now. They are quick and straight-forward, and I get to see all kinds of interesting interior design solutions. Like this zigzag feature wall.

Some playfully themed rooms – like this beach delight.

Or Art Deco style private cinema and bar as the lounge.

Secluded Brighton rooftop gardens that I wouldn’t know anything about otherwise.

Drinks I have never heard of.

Party in a window.

And the odd private bowling alley.

If you’d like your AirBnB or holiday let property photographed, give me a call or send an email. I look forward to hearing from you!