Arabian Tents Open Day – Commercial Photography

One of my favourite commercial photography clients just had an Open Day where people could see their stunning tents and marquees in ‘the flesh’. In the last few days I have been taking photos of the process of putting up the amazing tents, and the House of Hud staff training days. It was fascinating to see how much work goes into erecting these beautiful, big constructions.

Thursday evening I went over to take some photos of the newly designed Oyster Pearl tent interior.

wedding marquee tent

Doesn’t it look magical? There were only a few tables in the tent at the time, just to give an idea of the look with tables while still having plenty of space for people to walk around inside the tent during the Open Day. Obviously, for a real wedding or party there is room for plenty more tables.

There is also a lounging area with sofas and tables.

luxury party marquee lounging area

Another angle of the tent. I love the twinkly fairy lights – they give the venue a truly wonderful atmosphere. Can’t you just image having the party of your life with your friends and family in this setting?

luxury wedding marquee

One last photo of the tent from the outside.

beautifully lit wedding marquee