Commercial Photography for Pelham House in Lewes

I was doing some housekeeping in my photo archives and came across this commercial photography shoot I did a few years ago. I didn’t post photos in my blog at the time, so I thought I’d share a few now – mainly because seeing the food photos I took reminded me how delicious the dishes I photographed were!

Good food has always been close to my heart (and tummy) so I am always telling my friends of my good experiences and recommending places I have had delicious food in. So let me tell you about Pelham House in Lewes and the beautiful food and wine they serve there.

First of all – this is the rather lovely lobby you see when you first walk in.

Take a left turn and you enter the bar, where they do some nice drinks.

When you walk through the bar and continue to the glass doors, you can enter the beautiful garden – and have your meal outside when weather is favourable.

On a lovely day like this, why wouldn’t you have some of the fantastic local bubbly to start with?

This is the fabulous Sussex sparkling wine: Breaky Bottom.

There some interesting sculptures dotted around the garden – some in full view, and some hidden in the far end within the shrubs.

But let’s get back to the food! While I was there, the chef prepared a couple of dishes to be photographed and I was happy to oblige. Especially as the lovely events manager Emma offered me to eat the food and drink the wine after I’d taken photos of them.

Who wouldn’t love a scrumptious meal in a setting like this?

At Pelham House, they also do cream tea, and really lovely desserts.

If you haven’t been yet, I highly recommend Pelham House in Lewes! I have a little wedding to photograph in Lewes soon and I have been invited to join the happy couple and their guests for cream tea at Pelham House after the ceremony as a guest, and I’m very much looking forward to go there again.