Home interior photography in Brighton

One of my favourite things to photograph is property interiors. And when the home is especially interesting of beautiful, it’s even more exciting to shoot. The other day I took photos of a Brighton home that has six bedrooms, two lounges and a big, big loft room with huge skylight windows.

The first room I entered was the lovely, spacious kitchen. I was immediately impressed. From the kitchen, you could see through to the two front rooms.

But before we go there, let me show you the garden that is also accessible from the kitchen.

I can just imagine how lovely it will be here in the summer, in better weather. Here are the two front rooms that can be separated or kept as one, long area that reminds me of stately homes with their continuous row of rooms.

After photographing the ground floor, I started ascending the stairs to the rest of the house. There was a rather luscious roll top bathtub in the first bathroom (as well as a shower cubicle).

…followed by one gorgeous / quirky / cosy / spacious room after another.

Another, smaller bathroom.

And cool, bespoke steep stairs into the loft.

The loft. My favourite room, I think – just because of all the space, and the views from the skylight windows.

And I’m a bit partial to twinkly lights, too.

What a joy to photograph this extraordinary home. And not only because the people who live there are super lovely!

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