Hotel photography in Sussex – Bailiffscourt Hotel & Spa

I photographed a wedding at Bailiffscourt Hotel the other day. The hotel saw my photos on-line and liked them and asked me to go back and take more photographs for them for their new promotional brochures. I do commercial photography for various small businesses in Sussex and the whole of South East England whenever I’m not busy doing weddings and portraits, so I was more than happy to go and take some good quality images for the lovely hotel. Here is one end of the two-part dining room.

Bailiffscourt Hotel dining room

This following is a photo of the Card Room. This is quite a dark, unusual and atmospheric room even in daylight but there was no space to use a tripod so I braced myself into the corner – both for support with the long exposure needed, and also in order to get as much of the little room in the shot as possible, with a wide angle lens.

Bailiffscourt hotel card room

This is what the Music Room looked like set for a candle-lit wedding breakfast.

Bailiffscourt Hotel & Spa Music Room dinner

…and here it is set for a daytime conference.

conference room photo - Bailiffscourt Hotel

I also took photos of other rooms that are used for meetings & conferences. There are so many beautifully decorated rooms throughout this venue that I could easily take a hundred more photos there. This hotel definitely is both a challenge and a delight for a photographer!