Light Trick Photography Wedding Awards

Light Trick Photography Wedding Awards 2012

I really love my job as a wedding photographer and last year’s weddings brought so much joy into my life that I want to give something back. It’s the season for awards, let’s face it! It’s not the BAFTAs and it’s not the Oscars, but I’d like to give some special awards to some of my wedding couples who stood out with their joie de vivre for me last year. You’ve got to enjoy life, right? These people certainly know how to, and also how to spread love of life to everyone around them.

The winners are:

The Most Entertaining Groom Speech of The Year: Andrew Hartrup

reportage wedding photographer in Surrey - funny groom's speech

Andrew’s speech was something like two hours long, but it was so funny that it wasn’t a second too long! I thought it started funny, but then it just went on and on and got funnier and funnier and I think he had everyone in the room peeing in their pants laughing so much.

…and he didn’t miss embarrassing his new wife Jenny with lots of stories that grooms don’t usually tell during their wedding speech, but he did it with so much love and hilarity that he got away with it.

Immediately forgiven by Jenny.


The quirkiest poses of the year: Richard and Kim

reportage wedding photographer in brighton - funny wedding poses

Again, another wedding that was so much fun because of both the bride and groom (and their families!) have such fantastic sense of humour and don’t take themselves too seriously.

I mean… I wouldn’t have come up with a groom & best man pose like this, for example!

documentary wedding photographer in Brighton - the alternative groom and best man pose


The Most Appreciative Couple of The Year: Anya and Christian

Anya and Christian were my dream couple right from the start: during their pre-wedding shoot I asked whether I could try things I’ve never done before and they said “of course! go for it! do whatever you want! we absolutely LOVE your photography so we have complete trust in you!” That was the best thing I could have heard from someone whose photos I was taking as it made me feel like I can just be creative, play, have fun, and it was all great.

bexhill engagement shoot

And their wedding was absolutely wonderful as well, of course!

documentary wedding photographer in hastings - bride and groom portrait

Then I had two categories that I wanted to award and two equally brilliant contestants for both categories. It wasn’t an easy decision between two fantastic dancers and two fantastic wedding venues (The Bluebell Railway, and Norman Church with a stone circle in The Lost Village of Dode, respectively) but here they are:

The Most Unusual (And Fantastic) Wedding Venue of The Year: Fiona And Ross (The Bluebell Railway)

wedding at the bluebell railway, sussex


The Best First Dance of The Year: Natasha And Mick

Natasha and Mick’s wedding was another wonderful one, full of love, fun and good times. And all that in a Norman church and a beautiful handfasting ceremony in a stone circle in the church grounds.

reportage wedding photographer in kent - jumping over broom

As if everything else hadn’t been just amazing, I was blown away with their incredible first dance.

wedding at the lost village of dode, first dance

All award winners receive a framed A4 size print of the wedding photograph of their own choice.

I want to thank all my past couples of having me as their wedding photographer. I am truly grateful to have met you and I love keeping in contact with you and seeing your continued happiness with your loved ones.

Happy Valentine’s Day!