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Photo shoot for an interior designer

I did another photo shoot for Raspberry Interior Design in Essex the other week. (Click here for my previous shoot with interior designer Tracey Hatch) This time we started at her new showroom in Shenfield, followed by eight of her clients’ homes. I photographed about 16 rooms altogether in one day, so it was a busy day!

Having worked together before, we already knew each other well and how we think and work, so regardless of it being hard work, we were very productive and the day was a lot of fun.

Tracey is very much liked, trusted and respected by her clients, which means that they were more than happy to let her take photos of the beautiful rooms that she had created for them, so that she can show to prospective clients the quality of her work.

The day of the photo shoot happened to be the hottest day of the century (+36°C), but somehow it didn’t even bother us that much because we were so much enjoying what we did. (Although I admit that it helped that some homes had air conditioning!)

This is what Tracey says about working with me:

“Realising how crucial it was to have good quality photos of work on my web site I started my search for a photographer as more and more of my enquiries were coming via internet searches. Having a great website with clear, professional photographs was absolutely essential for those enquiries to turn into actual projects.

Katariina has taken all my photos and I have no doubt that the increased business is a direct result of her being able to showcase the interiors to their very best. The feedback I get from new clients visiting my website is that they are impressed with my work and feel that the photos portray a very ‘real’ insight. Lots of other interior designers seem to use brochure images, old photos or staged room sets which do not give a true indication of their work.

Katariina is a joy to work with. She is relaxed and respectful which is very important when photographing inside customers homes. I am quite often squeezing in many jobs in one day which does involve her having to work quick and have the resources to use the right equipment to get the right shot which she always manages to do.

I expect my business to keep on growing year after year and knowing that the internet is the key to attracting new clients it is imperative that my website and ultimately photos of my work are key to my success.”

If you would like to be as successful as Tracey in attracting new, good quality clients via your website, do give me call on 07951-635802 or send an e-mail and let’s have a chat about how I can help you with beautiful photography! My rates start from £160 for an hour’s photo shoot including edited images in high resolution (within Brighton and Hove – otherwise travel expenses apply).

Here are some of the photos I took during the Raspberry Design full day shoot:

Raspberry Interior Design

Interior Design floor lamp

Raspberry Interior Design chairs

Raspberry Interior Design dark grey cloakroom

Raspberry Interior Design bathroom

Raspberry Interior Design

Raspberry Interior Design stripy staircase

Raspberry Interior Design sofa

Raspberry Interior Design

Raspberry Interior Design French

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Essex Interior Designer photo shoot - 18th January 2016 - 2:48 pm

[…] This was our third photo shoot together. It is such a delight to work with Tracey as her designs are beautiful and she knows what she wants to showcase, which makes it very easy for me to make the exact kind of photos that she wants. Communication is the key, of course. If you are interested to see more, click here for for my previous photo shoot with Raspberry Interior Design. […]

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