St Mary de Haura church wedding in Shoreham

This is a beautiful wedding with Sri Lankan touches I photographed last autumn in West Sussex. Abarna and Jeban got married at St Mary de Haura Church in Shoreham-by-Sea and had their wedding reception at a Hilton Hotel near Arundel. Abarna and Jeban are both medical doctors – it just happened so that this was the second wedding for me to photograph within a month where both the bride and the groom are doctors. Abarna was getting ready for her big day at her parents’ house in Shoreham.

Sri Lankan bride having her hair done

bride's bouquet and engagement ring

The confetti that had been hand cut/punched… all of it!

self-cut lilac confetti

bride with roses in her hair

bridesmaids help bride get ready

In the meantime, the groom is eagerly waiting for his bride at the church!

groom looking at his watch in a church

bridesmaids and vicar in front of church

bride arriving in church in vintage car

groom waiting for bride in church

groom waiting for bride in st mary de haura church Shoreham

Shoreham wedding photographer at st Mary de Haura Shoreham

bride walking down the aisle

smiling grooms sees bride for the first time

bride, groom, best man and father at the altar

cute Sri Lankan flower girl at church

bride and groom at the front of church aisle

bride and groom holding hands at the front of the church

bride and groom exchanging vows

St Mary De Haura wedding photos

groom and bride exchanging rings in a church

One of the Sri Lankan wedding traditions is that the groom’s family give the bride a Thali necklace.

groom gives bride a Thali necklace - Sri Lankan tradition

bride and groom with congregation singing in church

groom and bride signing the register at St Mary De Haura church

guests taking photos of signing of the register

bride and groom portrait with registry book

bridesmaid smiling

bride and groom exiting church

wedding couple in front of St Mary De Haura church in Shoreham

chauffeur waiting with bottle of champagne

groom and bride inside wedding car

bride and groom under an umbrella with wedding car

Avisford Park Hotel Hilton, Arundel – ready for the wedding party to arrive!

Another piece of Sri Lanka in West Sussex… the adorable elephants as wedding cake toppers. So cute!

Sri Lanka theme wedding cake

bride and groom place names

Before entering the room, we took some pictures of the guests…

group photo of wedding guests


bridesmaids in purple dresses

…and the beautiful happy couple!

happy wedding couple laughing

bride and groom portrait in black and white

groom kissing bride in black and white

reportage wedding photography of guests

pretty girls at a Sri Lankan wedding

wedding speeches

The bride’s mother helped her put on a Sari for the evening celebrations.

mother helping bride wear a sari

women help bride put on a sari

Avisford Park Hilton Arundel weddings

cutting of the wedding cake

First Dance - Avisford Park Hilton Hotel wedding

bride dancing disco with best man

wedding guests dancing

guests dancing at Hilton Avisford Park, Arundel

wedding at Hilton Avisford Park, Arundel