Wedding Photographer in Sussex – Amy and Arno’s wedding at Manor Barn, Bexhill-on-Sea

Another week, another wonderful wedding! This was was probably the most relaxed and fun of all the fun and relaxed weddings this year!

Meet Amy, the bride. Here she is being tortured by her two sisters.

Well, not really – as you can see, she is just fine.

bride getting ready, shoes, bouquet

When I arrived at the hotel, Amy and her bridesmaids were incredibly relaxed and calm, and just having a good time preparing for the wedding. Actually, there was only one problem. See that cute little flower girl playing with Amy’s veil above? She was all ready, and she couldn’t understand why other people weren’t getting ready quicker! She fretted and fretted, she ran to let Amy’s father in, she wanted Amy to take her bouquet already, she wanted Amy to wear her veil already…

…and of course she was just asked to wait and be patient…. which she was – for a little while longer. She tried and tried, but when she couldn’t take it any more, she grabbed Amy’s shoes and made her wear them.

There. You are all ready. Now let’s go already! haha. She was so cute.

Now, let’s see what Arno was up to in the meantime. Getting ready with the help of his Best Man, by the looks of things!

Not to waste too much time with the boys – after all, the bridal room is where it’s all happening – drinks, garters, presents…

bridal garter

…and then, time to leave for the wedding!

bride with father, wedding car

Let’s just pretend that the groom didn’t get lost on the way to the venue and he was there well in time and there was no rush at all and all went to plan… OK? haha. So yes, the groom was almost ready and waiting for the bride to arrive…

bride arriving with father

… and here she comes!

bride walking down the aisle

I always love this moment at weddings, the bride and groom seeing each other for the first time. So sweet. Little Henry didn’t want to leave from his spot, so he was there right with his loving parents.

The magical moments…

best wedding photographer in sussexexchange of the rings


Manor Barn Bexhill wedding

After the ceremony, kids had fun in the garden while adults enjoyed a glass of bubbly.

children at a wedding

After the group photos, I walked around the gardens with Amy and Arno so that I could take some photos of them in private. When I realised that the sun was low in the sky and it was the perfect timing for a backlit photo, I asked them to stop at a particular spot, and before I had time to even ask them to do anything, Arno gave Amy this wonderful kiss.

wedding couple kissing backlit

This couple was so happy, kind, relaxed, loving and fun that they made my job as their photographer super easy.

happy wedding couplehappy wedding couple

Then it was time to sit down for wedding breakfast, starting with the speeches.

wedding speeches

After main course, cutting of the beautiful wedding cake.

cutting of the wedding cake

While adults were eating cake and socialising, all the cute little children got together to play.

children playing at a wedding

I have to admit I had forgotten to ask whether Amy was going to throw her bouquet in the evening, but as soon as I realised that is exactly what was about to happen, I climbed on a chair to photograph it.

bride throwing her bouquet

It was the funniest throwing of the bouquet, too! See the triumph of the winner!

throwing of wedding bouquet

It had been such a lovely wedding with great people that I decided to have a drink and wait until the first dance, even though I hadn’t been booked to stay that long. I felt like a guest (well, partly, apart from having worked all day) at the party anyway, so I thought I’d join in for a while. And I’m glad I did so that I could take a few shots on the dance floor.

first dance, children dancing

Like I said in the beginning, this was the most relaxed, lovely and fun wedding of all the relaxed, fun weddings this year. Amy and Arno are such a wonderful and gorgeous couple, and I wish them all the happiness in the world. And little Henry, too, of course!