Beauty portrait shoot with Steph

I had another Beauty Portrait shoot the other day – this time with the wonderful Steph who is a plumber/tiler/massager. Steph really needed a good photo of herself but was dreading being photographed. I asked her to put her trust in me as I specialise in taking beautiful photos of people who hate having their picture taken. She was quite nervous in the beginning but surprisingly soon started to relax and enjoy the experience!

makeover photo shoot - before and after beauty portrait

Here’s what Steph wrote to me after she’d seen the photos: “I had a really good time, it was just what I needed and came away feeling really good about myself, so thank you so much. […] even the before picture makes me look good which is amazing to me because before I came to you I didn’t feel like that.”

Here’s one more photo – isn’t she beautiful?

black and white portrait - light trick photography beauty portraits