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Personal Branding Portrait Shoot – Helen

Personal Branding Photo Shoots in Sussex The other day I did a personal brand portrait photo shoot with Helen Reynolds, a wonderful image consultant whom I met via business networking some years ago. Helen is such a lovely person that I became instantly friends with her and we have talked about collaborating ever since. So now […]

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What to wear to a portrait shoot?

I often get asked “What should I wear for my portrait photo shoot?” by my clients – that is, if I haven’t had a chance yet to tell them that I will send them my “How to prepare for your portrait shoot” PDF as soon as they have booked their session! Here are my tips on how […]

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Brighton photographer of photographers

Catchy title, right? Ha. I have been asked to be the photographer for various photographers so many times now that I guess I can call myself that. I have shot photographers’ weddings – I have even shot a wedding photographer’s wedding – and taken their portraits. And if not actually professionals themselves, a good proportion of […]

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Beauty portrait shoot with Steph

I had another Beauty Portrait shoot the other day – this time with the wonderful Steph who is a plumber/tiler/massager. Steph really needed a good photo of herself but was dreading being photographed. I asked her to put her trust in me as I specialise in taking beautiful photos of people who hate having their […]

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