Sussex Wedding Photographer – Bluebell Railway Wedding Meeting

On Sunday I met up with Ross and Fiona at the Bluebell Railway where they are getting married in a few weeks’ time. Bluebell Railway describe themselves as ‘preserved steam trains running through the heart of Sussex’, and if you haven’t been to see it or travel on one of their trains, I recommend that you do!

Bluebell Railway - Sheffield Park Station

We went first to the Sheffield Park Station where we met up with the lovely Bluebell Railway wedding planner, Julia, and amongst other things, scouted a place for the group photo we are going to take on the wedding day.

Bluebell Railway - Sheffield Park Station

Steam train - steamy photo

After that, we drove to the Horsted Keynes Station where the wedding ceremony is going to take place. It is an absolutely wonderful place – lots of original paraphernalia from the 1920’s -1930’s.

Bluebell Railway - Hersted Keynes Station - old bikes on platform

I won’t show you much for now… all will be revealed after the wedding! Oh, I can’t finish without showing you the lovely couple, though!

engagement photo - Couple hugging on railway platform

And this is where they will be having their wedding breakfast… on a steam train whizzing through the beautiful Sussex landscape.

Bluebell Railway steam train

Can’t wait for Ross and Fiona’s wedding day – I’m expecting it to be a great, fun day for everyone!