Bride of The Year Competition Winner Announced

The Bride of The Year competition winner has been announced! Her name is Rosa and she is absolutely lovely! Here she is posing with the owner of Wedding Rings Direct, Anthony Edwards.

Bride of the Year 2014

Wedding Rings Direct had arranged a wonderful event for the announcement. There had invited select people from the wedding industry to come along with Rosa to hear about all kinds of things relating to wedding rings. Present were Sara from Monty Manatee Weddings, Melissa from You & Your Wedding, Nikki from Blooms for Business and Shelley from Love Sussex Weddings.

First Olivia told us about different metals that can be used for rings (you can read all the info here on their website: Choosing the right Metal for your Wedding Rings.)

She also explained about different shapes/profiles and widths of rings.

Then Janine gave us a fascinating talk about diamonds! (you can read the info on their website here: Choosing the right Diamond – Cut, Carat, Colour and Clarity).

It was all extremely interesting to learn. But that’s not all – we also got to go and see the workshop where the rings are made!

Everyone was watching very intently!

All in all it was a wonderful two hours to meet with wedding industry people and of course the Bride of The Year, Rosa! I can’t wait to have a pre-wedding photo shoot with Rosa, her fiancé and their little girl.

If you are planning on getting married, do have a look at Wedding Rings Direct and their services. They are very friendly and very knowledgeable – you can start by having a look through their website as they have lots of information there regarding rings and their services. And you can build your own ring virtually on their website!