Wedding venue visit and (rushed) engagement photo shoot

Some weeks ago I met Lisa and David as we visited their church and reception venue. The church – Church of St Mary the Blessed Virgin – is from the 11th century and has a beautiful Saxon tower, and Lisa and David said that it would be great to have the tower at least some of the photos that I take after their wedding ceremony. So we walked around the church to see what locations would work for that.

Church of St Mary the Blessed Virgin, Sompting

We went inside the church as Lisa had told me that I will have strict rules where I can photograph from on the day. Apparently I am only allowed to be at the back of the church during their wedding service, so I tested what kind of shots I can get from there with my telephoto lens.

St Mary the Virgin Church, Sompting

David only had about half an hour to spare so we didn’t really have time to have a proper pre-wedding photo shoot, so I just quickly grabbed a few shots of the lovely couple outside the church.

St Mary's Church, Church of England parish church of Sompting

engagement photo shoot in a churchyard

To be honest, it took some effort to take the photos above, as David was being silly and pulling faces all the time. These two have such a wicked sense of humour, and you will find out just how wicked when I show you the photos of their wedding!