Brighton Boudoir Photography

Welcome to Brighton Boudoir Portraits! I have started doing boudoir photography shoots in a couple of lovely Brighton hotels, and I am loving them! My boudoir portrait shoots are all about giving women the opportunity to look stunning and feel fantastic about themselves – gorgeous, feminine, Rrravishing, sensual and sexy.

black and white boudoir glamour portrait

My first shoot was with the gorgeous Ebonie. As with all portrait shoots, everyone is a little apprehensive in the beginning of the shoot, but it didn’t take long for Ebonie to get in the swing of a boudoir shoot and starting to really enjoy it.

gorgeous woman posing in a bra

tattooed woman on bed

Ebonie had a new tattoo on her right shoulder and arm so I made sure that I took some photos of it for the tattoo artist as well as Ebonie herself.

beautiful woman posing, colourful tattoo on shoulder and arm

And if you were wondering about the gorgeous lingerie Ebonie is wearing, it’s all from a fantastic Brighton erotic boutique called She Said.

gorgeous curvy woman posing in front of window, boudoir shoot Brighton

I like my boudoir shoots to be fun…

fun boudoir photography, Brighton

We took a lot more photos, some of them in the nude wearing only a sheet, but you will just have to imagine the rest!

Brighton boudoir portraits, beauty shot

Read what Ebonie said about her boudoir shoot with me on Light Trick Photography Brighton Boudoir Portraits page.

For more information about my boudoir shoots, please send and e-mail to and ask for my boudoir photography brochure.