Brighton Boudoir Portrait Shoot Party – Maria

The other week I held a boudoir portrait shoot party with a professional make-up artist friend of mine. We had three ladies take part, and all of them started with a lovely pampering session with Nina the make-up artist. Each lady had a different preference in what kind of make-up they wanted, and Nina listened and made sure that she made them look their absolute best for the shoot.

Here is first of the ladies… Maria came in quite nervous and said that she doesn’t know what to do and how to pose, but I reassured her that she doesn’t have to know as I will guide her.

boudoir beauty portrait of a redhead

What do you think? Does she look nervous and unsure about herself? Not so much, right? For most people it takes a little while to let go of tension and apprehension about the whole situation, but I always make sure that I let people relax and give them permission to feel good about themselves. And that’s when they start to shine.

beautiful woman posing on sofa

Oh, by the way, Maria said on the day that she doesn’t want to have any of her photos published on-line, which is absolutely fine by me, as I never publish any boudoir photos on-line without permission. As you may have guessed, she changed her mind after she saw the photos… and she has received so many comments on Facebook on the photos, everyone commenting how absolutely gorgeous she looks.

boudoir portrait of a beautiful redhead posing on bed

It was so wonderful to see Maria relax and enjoy the shoot at the end. We had such a good time and took some more adventurous photos at the end of the shoot. But here is just one more for you all to see… isn’t she a stunner!

boudoir portrait, redhead posing on bed