Brighton Digital Festival – Brighton Co-working & Office Space

Photographing this year’s Brighton Digital Festival Open Studios events took me to Platf9rm for the first time. I’d heard of the place many times and some of my friends and acquaintances had said that I should definitely go and see it. And now I know why! The place is beautifully designed and decorated. As you step in, you are greeted with this view.

Brighton co-working space entrace

Did you notice the dog bowls on the floor? Extra points from me!

Plarf9rm Brighton offices

The place has so many cool areas where you can either work on your laptop or hang out and network with other people who work there. There are general areas as well as quiet areas (like the one below on the left).

Brighton co-working space quiet area

There are also little cubicles for single workers as well as cute little “phone booths” where you can take a call without disturbing others.

Platf9rm phone booths

Who came up with these ideas, eh? I think this area below is especially awesome. I can imagine a fun space like this helping keep your mood positive and mind productive.

Then you go round a corner and there are separate office rooms in different sizes that companies can hire for more permanent use.

Brighton quirky offices to rent

Brighton offices to rent Platf9rm

Everywhere you look it’s just wow…! The orange things at the back (below) are lockers where you can store your stuff. They have thought about everything!

Brighton co-working offices lockers

And last but not least, the kitchen area.

Brighton Platf9rm kitchen

quirky Brighton co-working space

Pretty damn impressive, right? Platf9rm have also opened a new place in Hove which I’m hoping to go and visit at some point soon.