Short Holiday in Ceriana, Italy

This post has nothing to do with my professional photography client work, but I can’t resist writing about last week’s holiday. I stayed in a little mountain village in west Italy near Sanremo. Although I have travelled quite a bit all over the globe (49 different countries at last count), I had never seen a place like Ceriana before. Such a charming, old world atmosphere – and very friendly and happy people living in this hillside town.

View from our window

Ceriana seen from the road

Ceriana seen from the road

As you can see, the village is built right onto the side of the hill. There is one main road towards the top of the hill, but all other “streets” are narrow stone and brick alleyways, zigzagging like a multilevel maze between the buildings.

The following four photos are from the same spot where the street descends steeply with hairpin turn stairs.

We were staying in a flat on a typically hilly street…

Our front door

Looking up from our front door

Looking down from the front door.