Frames in The Lanes photo shoot

Commercial photography for a Brighton business

Frames in the lanes

Here’s another photo shoot I did for a company I have worked with before. I took photos for Frames in The Lanes back in 2009 when I was just starting to work professionally. I remember taking product photos of their fabulous frames – maybe about 50 or them – in my brand new light tent. It was exciting! I still love doing commercial photography for Brighton businesses.

To be honest, I’m not a fan of light tent product photography anymore as I find it tedious and monotonous. But we all have to start with something and try different kinds of photography in order to figure out what we like most doing and what we don’t.

This time I was asked to take some shots inside their shop, and also a few photos outdoors on the beach. I snapped photos of some of the display cabinets first.

Frames in the Lanes, BrightonFrames in the Lanes, BrightonFrames in the Lanes, vintage style frames for glasses

Some lovely Jono Hennessy Limited Edition sunglasses… I really wanted a simple background for these shots as it was a challenge to get a decent photo with lots of stuff and bright sunlight through the window in the background, but this was a quick shoot and these are OK  for ‘as seen in the shop’ photos rather than clean studio shots.

Jono Hennessy limited edition sunglasses

Actually, I want to clean up the shutter in the background – here’s a cleaned up version.

Frames in The Lanes Jono Hennessy sunglasses in the shop

As you can see these are just some photos to be used in social media marketing etc.

Frames in the lanes A-board

Second part of the photo shoot was to go to the beach and take some photos of these wonderful frames on the pebbles with the sea and the pier in the background, to add a bit of “Brighton” into the photos.

sunglasses on Brighton beach bebbles

This one was chosen to be the “hero shot” on the Frames in The Lanes new website’s home page. (logo will be added)

red frames (glasses) on Brighton beach pebbles with the sea in the background

…except it will be cropped to fit the ‘carousel’ – something like this.

Frames in the Lanes banner image

More photos for social media marketing…

Glasses in a frame with pebbles

Just realised that my shadow is visible in these frames, so I edited it out. This is just how I work. Photoshop skills come handy!

Sunglasses product photo - photographer's shadow edited out

I asked Freya to take a photo of me taking these photos. It was such a windy day and we were all almost blown away while trying to make the props and frames stay put for the few seconds that it took to take each shot.

Katariina Jarvinen on a photo shoot on Brighton beach - behind the scenes

…and that photo just shows how much I enjoy my work – whatever the weather! Last one of Epos frames with the pier in the background.

Frames in The Lanes Epos specs with Brighton Palace Pier in the background