Mobile phone photography on The South Downs

It has been a week of photographing weddings, parties, properties and portraits again, and I have had lots of fun while working hard. But today I’m going to post about my free evenings that I have spent walking in The South Downs with my dog Zebedee. We have had such gorgeous summer evenings: perfect for being out and about and simply enjoying life.

I am really kicking myself that I didn’t take a camera with me for yesterday’s walk, as I saw such beauty and wonderful things screaming to be photographed. But at least I had my mobile phone on me! And this reminds me once again that “the best camera you have is the camera you have with you”.

I know so many professional photographers who spit in the general direction of non-professional grade cameras and go on about how you (anyone!) need the best gear available – the more expensive, the better. Sure, I agree that for professional work you need professional equipment because less than that simply can’t do the job adequately. But for anything else, use whatever image capturing equipment you happen to have!

I think mobile phone cameras are a brilliant, brilliant invention. I take photos with mine every day. The limiting factors of simple equipment make you work and think harder to get the results you want. And having a little camera with you all the time means you have a tool for playing and being creative any time you have a moment to spare. The other advantage is of course that because you essentially have a camera with you at all times, you can capture fleeting moments that would have gone and forgotten otherwise.

Here’s an example of that: on Friday, after an 1.5 hr walk on Newtimber Hill just opposite Devil’s Dyke in Brighton, I was walking back to my car when I saw a wonderful light and scene just before reaching the car park.

Google Nexus 5 sunset

I took the above photo with an app called ‘Pro HDR Camera’ (for Android).

Here is one I took while walking on the hill.

View from Newtimber Hill, Brighton

Naturally with a proper camera I would have been able to take much better photos, but at least I got something – good enough to post on social media, for example. And the photos I took help me remember viewpoints I can go back to with my proper camera at a later date.

Here are a few shots from yesterday’s lovely early evening walk at Ditchling Beacon.

On the way back, a hot air balloon just happened to fly by.

Ditchling Beacon hot air balloon

If you’d like to learn how to take better photos with your mobile phone, I have made a free e-book for you with my best easy tips! Click here to download it: How to take stunning photos with your mobile phone.