What to wear to a portrait shoot?

what to wear for portrait shootI often get asked “What should I wear for my portrait photo shoot?” – that is, if I haven’t had a chance to tell them that I will send them my “How to prepare for your portrait shoot” PDF as soon as they have booked their session!

Here are some of my tips for how to prepare for a photo shoot:

1) Bring a few changes of clothes with you – at least three different tops, and also trousers/skirts/dresses if you’d like full length or 3/4 length photos.

2) Avoid strongly patterned clothes, and especially stripes, as they can distract from your face which is the most important part of a portrait. Simple, classic style in one colour is the best for a portrait.

The following tips are especially for women:

3) Make sure that you have a matching bra with every top/dress, to avoid situations where you can’t wear a top because the bra you are wearing shows through where you don’t want it to show.

4) Make sure your under arms are neat if you bring tops/dresses that expose that area from the side.

5) Figure hugging clothes are better than baggy ones, for ALL body types.

And lastly, for everyone:

6) Make sure that you have clean and tidy fingernails, and no chipped nail varnish.

7) If you pluck your eyebrows, have them plucked/tidied up a couple of days before the photo shoot.

8) Avoid alcohol the evening before your shoot and have a good rest the night before so that you’ll feel awake, fresh and relaxed on the day, which will make you look your best in your photos!

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Have a peak at the portrait photography pages: http://lighttrick.co.uk/portrait-photography/

what to take to portrait shoot