Mobile phone photography

Mobile phone cameras are brilliant! It’s the only camera I have on me all the time, which means wherever I am I can take photos of what I’m seeing. Last night I was walking home through Brighton and I noticed that there was a lot of mist in the air, so I thought I’d see what the mist looked like when I used a flash when taking a photo.

Royal Pavilion Brighton, mist, flash, mobile phone camera

And I thought it looked magical – like something out of a fairy tale.

Royal Pavilion Brighton, mist, flash, mobile phone camera, lens flare

I walked to the other side of the Royal Pavilion and took a few shots without flash.

The Royal Pavilion Brighton at night, pond

Once I got to The Level it looked like there was even more mist in the air and it was impossible to use the flash because the air was filled with tiny water droplets, so I took another photo without flash. Gotta love mobile phone cameras! Mine is a Nokia N8 with a Carl Zeiss lens. The phone itself is absolute pants, but I only bought it for the camera anyway. I just need to keep thinking that I have a pocket camera that can also (most of the time) make calls. It helps me cope with the frustrations of the phone.

Brighton at night, misty park, The Level