How to take photos like a pro with your mobile phone

Have you seen other people’s mobile phone photos and thought “Why doesn’t my camera take good photos like that?” If you have, you might be glad to find out that it is not that difficult to improve your photos dramatically with just a few tips and tricks.

sunset - beautiful mobile phone photography

Photo taken with Samsung Galaxy SII

As a professional photographer who loves taking photos everywhere she goes in her free time, I am passionate about mobile phone photography! Mobile phone cameras are limited in their capability compared to “proper” cameras, so I am constantly looking to improve the results by perfecting composition and framing, using various tricks to get interesting effects or to overcome a difficult lighting situation.

I have put together my best tips for taking some kick-ass photos with a mobile phone. Would you like to see them and start getting stunning photos yourself?

You can download my free e-book “How to Take Photos Like A Pro with Your Mobile Phone” here. Hope you enjoy it! And if you learn something new and enjoy taking photos more, do let me know – I’d love to hear some feedback and see your beautiful photos taken with your new skills. Please comment below.