Wedding photographers in Sussex – pre wedding meeting at Broyle Place

I met another wonderful couple the other day to talk about their wedding plans. We met at their wedding venue, Broyle Place which is a stunning Elizabethan Manor House and gardens near Ringmer, East Sussex. The lovely owner, Emma, showed us around the venue as we talked about Kate and Phil’s plans for their wedding day. Afterwards, I took a few photos of the couple in love…

engaged couple walking an avenue of trees

I’m planning on popping over to take some photos of the venue itself next time I’m in the area as I didn’t have time to do so this time, and the weather wasn’t great, either… as usual for this year, it was rainy and grey. Which, of course, is not bad for photographing people kissing under the trees…

engaged couple under a weeping willow tree

couple kissing under a weeping willow tree

couple hugging under a tree

Kate says that she really doesn’t like her picture taken and always pulls a funny face when a camera is pointed at her. To be honest, many people say this and fear that they are going to look awful in the photos. The trick is to ask people just interact with each other or give them something else to do, add a little direction and after a little while they get more relaxed and you will get nice and natural photos of them. And a pre wedding shoot always helps… I know that Kate and Phil will be more blasé about the photography on their wedding day now that we have had a little session together and they could see that it’s not that painful, really!

pre wedding shoot with a camera shy couple

couple in love looking at each other

couple in love, closed eyes

Gorgeous, beautiful, fun and happy couple – can’t wait to be their wedding photographer next year!

couple walking away