Sussex Equestrian Photography – Horse Portraits with Nicola

Sometimes I just have to pinch myself to make sure I’m not dreaming… because I think I have the dream job!

horse portrait with a beautiful woman

I had a photo shoot with Nicola and her two ponies and had a great time getting to know them all.

portrait of a beautiful woman with two horses

Nicola seems to have an amazing relationship with her horses, and I think it shows in the photos. Don’t you just love how these two seem to be in perfect synch, head down, legs mirroring each other… sweet.

black and white horse portrait from behind

Nicola had really prepared for the shoot by scrubbing and brushing both horses to look their best in the photos. And she added the finishing touches just before going out by making their hooves nice and shiny! Talk about attention to detail!

Applying hoof oil on a horse's hooves

Willow’ s warm-up.

beautiful woman riding on a white horse

…and then to play!

horse jumping steps

Meanwhile, Rocky is waiting his turn back in the stables.

pony portrait

He gets the same immaculate care and attention.

grooming a pony


riding a pony without a saddle

Isn’t he just beautiful?! Shiny and gorgeous. In fact, Rocky was so shiny that Nicola was a little concerned she might just slide off his back as she was riding Rocky without a saddle.

riding without a saddle

Then onto the field…

And to my surprise, Nicola jumped without a saddle! Very impressive!

horse jumping without a saddle

Nicola’s border collie Jack demonstrated that he can jump, too. And that wasn’t the only trick Jack can do… far from it. Nicola is an animal behaviourist and does dog training, too, and Jack is a testament to her skills. I’ve never seen as obedient and attentive (and happy!) dog as Jack.

border collie jumping

A couple more photos of Nicola with Rocky.

beautiful girl riding a pony in a field

portrait of a beautiful girl with he pony

horse portrait photographer in Sussex

Beautiful, aren’t they?

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