Wedding Transportation – Interview with Little White Car

Next in my series of interviews with wedding suppliers is a very special little car! The other day I met with the utterly charming Lauren who runs a Sussex-based personalised chauffeuring service with a quirky edge to it – perfect for weddings and events which have a vintage flavour to them.

Lauren, what made you start a wedding chauffeuring business?

It was actually through my photography that I developed an interest in weddings. I also have a passion for old cars which stems from my father who still owns the MGB that I used to ride in when I was a child – it was a two-seater and I can just about remember going on MG club rallies with him and fitting snuggly in the footwell of the passenger seat!

How long have you had the Little White Car?

I bought the car kind of by accident in 2004 when my then boyfriend, who was perpetually broke and a sucker for old motors, saw an advert in the local paper and managed to persuade me to buy this old car an elderly couple was selling in Littlehampton. It was in great nick considering it had sat gathering dust on their drive for years without cover. I bought it for £400 and it had only done 26,000 miles!

Tell me more about your chauffeuring services?

I aim to provide a service that is friendly yet professional. I really enjoy getting into character and have done a little homework on chauffeuring etiquette. It’s quite special and intimate being in the car with a freshly married couple and I feel it is important to maintain a certain kind of reserve – I will only speak when I’m spoken to; otherwise I will leave the couple to digest and savour what they’ve just done. That said, I am also more than happy to join in the celebration and engage in friendly banter! I also make every effort to tailor the service to suit each individual couple – and I will try to meet with my clients well ahead of their big day to discuss how we can make the car blend in with the style and colourings of the event.

It’s such a lovely and unusual car to use as a wedding car, you must have interesting stories to tell from your weddings?

Well as a matter of fact I had a little giggle to myself at the last wedding I did a few weeks ago. Darcy and Guy (the wedding couple) had asked for tin cans as an ‘extra’ after the ceremony. They booked at short notice and over a couple of days I had to make my partner Andy eat lots of baked beans and tinned fruit so that I could make a fresh batch of tins on string! Darcy and Guy got married at the Unitarian Church in the centre of Brighton and it was only when we set off for the Reception that I realised I had been a little over-zealous on the tin can preparations… the noise was unbelievable and we did a good job of attracting a crowd! It was lovely, though, as everyone was cheering and congratulating the newly-weds. On the way out of town I snuck out to put the tins away so Darcy and Guy could enjoy a few moments of quiet reflection.

Can you give any tips for couples who are wondering what kind of transport to arrange for their wedding?

Wedding transport is, for me, a really important statement and should not be taken lightly. It marks the beginning of an incredibly special journey and life event. I would say to any couple getting married to take their time and think about how they want to begin and set the mood for their big day – and to consider cars which are perhaps a little unconventional – you know, not the typical Rolls Royce type. I get a lot of people saying they like the Little White Car for its sixties retro look – and also often because it reminds them of a much-loved relative who used to own a car just like it!

Thank you, Lauren, for telling us about your beautiful car and your chauffeuring services.

Please contact Lauren directly at Little White Car to enquire about her availability or if you have any other queries regarding her services.

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