Fabulous party tents

I’ve started taking photos for the amazing Arabian Tents company again, after a few years’ break. I’ve taken photos for this company for years, and every setup and every party or corporate event is different. What unifies them is that they are all absolutely fabulous. I mean – wouldn’t you want to have a dance floor like this at your party?

I know I would.

Arabian Tents, or actually the whole of House of Hud owner, creator, visionary extraordinaire, Katherine Hudson, is phenomenal in creating the perfect party setting – whether it is a wedding, 18th birthday party, 50th birthday party, festival VIP tent or corporate event. All the sites and events I’ve had the pleasure of capturing have been sublime.

This time I photographed an elaborate setup for an 18th birthday party. There were lit-up blossom trees.

…which obviously must have looked magical in the evening in the dark!

Disco balls…

disco ball closeup green reflected trees

Follow the disco balls and you’ll find the main party site…

…with its big lips!

What I didn’t mention yet was that this party had a drag queen theme. There was a separate little marquee for the guests to drag themselves up before entering the main tents.

What was that on the table? Yup – glitter. You can never have too much glitter!

And here’s the main party area. I can just see myself hanging out in this fabulous tent and the sofas and cushions outside al fresco – in style!

Honestly, this is the worst part of taking photos for House of Hud – I always want to stay and join the party!

The music sounded pretty damn good, too, when the DJ was checking out his system. And what do you think of the shiny bar?

Cool, huh?

Oh well, it isn’t my party this time, but perhaps one day I will have a get-together with friends in one of these phenomenal, magical setups that Arabian Tents create.

If you’d like beautiful photos of your own business, do get in contact with me. No obligation to book – you can just have a chat and see if we can help each other make the best of both worlds: I love photographing stunning things and you get to have photos that show off your design the best way possible. My contact details are at the bottom of the page.


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