Vow Renewal Party in Sussex

I wasn’t sure this renewal of vows party thing was such a thing until a couple of years ago. Now it seems quite a lot of people have doing it. And I’m glad they do – any excuse for a party, I say!

…and especially when you have such a perfect company create a fantastic venue for your vow renewal: Arabian Tent Company. This particular marquee is one of their pole tents called Oyster Pearl. This huge, beautiful tent was erected on a field in East Sussex, and had the South Downs as its backdrop.

I have taken photos of Oyster Pearl in the past, with different styles of decoration themes: Gold and blush and Woodland. You can see how you can create a completely different feel with the decorating of the tent. And Arabian Tents/House of Hud are masters of creating wonderfully joyous, magical venues.

I was asked to stay until dusk at this place so that I can get nice photos of the festoon lighting of the path that leads to the marquee. I arrived a bit early so I took photos of the tent while waiting for the sun to set.

Always nice to get a scenic photo of the setting as well.

These are the festoon lights I was waiting to take photos of.

Finally, around 9:30 the light started to drop, moon rose and I could take better photos of the lit path to the party tent.