Hotel photography in Brighton – Pelirocco, Lord Vader’s Quarters

Hotel photography in Brighton can be pretty interesting. There are quirky hotels and holiday let properties that are really a joy to see and stay in. One of the most unusual ones is Hotel Pelirocco right by the sea and Brighton beach. All of their rooms have different themes and many have been designed by various theme related people. I’m going to feature some of their rooms in separate blog posts, and let me start with this one: Lord Vader’s Quarters!

Lord Vader's quarters at Hotel Pelirocco

Brighton Hotel Star Wars theme room

As you can see, it’s only a small room with a bunk bed, but it’s filled with various geeky paraphernalia – perfect for a Star War fan of any age.
These are the people who keep you company in the loo:

Star Wars wall pictures

You can even try on Darth Vader’s work clothes.

Darth Vader suit in Pelirocco

Apparently this room has been styled as a ‘father and son’ cabin, but I know quite a few female Star Wars fans, so let’s not be gender specific here.

Star Wars bunk bed

What would be your weapon of choice?

Weapons at Brighton Hotel Star Wars theme roomBrighton Hotel Star Wars theme roomBrighton Hotel Star Wars room

Hope to see you again!

close-up of Darth Vader in Hotel Pelirocco

Watch this space for the next post where I will introduce you to a room dedicated to an infamous performance artist.