Murder Mystery Wedding Invitation

I get to know some amazing people by being a wedding photographer. Lisa is probably the most creative and fun bride I have come across, and I shall show you why! Lisa and Roger’s wedding was at the Bluebell Railway, and was also a murder mystery evening – but the latter part was a secret from the guests! I was in on the secret, naturally, as I needed to know what was going to happen during the day so that I could prepare with the right camera equipment etc. But imagine what the guests thought when they got their wedding invitation which they received in the form of a book:

creative wedding invitation

Once you opened the book, you could see the authors: Lisa & Roger, and title of the book: Marital Mystery Tour – with some important dates noted, and a request to turn to page 11.

wedding invitation ideas

On page 11, more information is given about the mystery…

wedding invitation in a book

“Your secret undercover mission is as follows…”

What a fantastic, creative and mysterious wedding invitation! I think it is just amazing how much effort Lisa made into putting it all together. But I’ll also show you some other details that this wonderful bride made for their big day. First of all, I don’t think I have ever come back from photographing a wedding with so many things with my name on.

Oh, actually, there was one thing missing in the above photo: my personal top secret case file for solving the mystery. All guests got one, but I was so surprised that Lisa had prepared one for me, too – but that’s just how Lisa is: an amazing, fun, lovely lovely person.

top secret wedding mystery

See the light blue bag of goodies in the first photo? One was waiting for each guest on their chair in the wedding ceremony room. This one below is for the ladies (as I am one, cough cough). Men had one, too, but I didn’t get a chance to see what theirs contained. Here is the ultimate wedding guest survival kit for the ladies:

Pearl lip balm (essential!), a little bottle of liquor (not a must but a very welcome, thoughtful surprise), a tin of refreshing Bluebell Railway mints, a packet of seeds “Let Love Blossom”, a Golden Arrow necklace, a beautiful folding fan to cool your beaming face, a packet of tissues (which came in handy for many during the ceremony and speeches) and a sixpence. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing – Lisa had thought of everything.

There were so many more wonderful details at the wedding that I didn’t even manage to take a photo of every single one as so much was happening all the time. All the guests were lovely and everyone had a great great time having fun with the amazing couple. I will be posting more photos from the wedding soon!