Modelled Photo Shoot with Joanna Zara Millinery

Another commercial modelled photo shoot for the lovely Joanna Zara Millinery last week! This time we had Niki as our model, and Sean Chapman as our make-up artist extraordinaire as always. As with our previous photo shoots, Joanna wanted to have an “ordinary” person wear her hats rather than use a professional model. This way the photos look good but “real”, so that anyone can imagine wearing one of Joanna Zara creations – not only someone who knows how to pose like a model.

Joanna Zara Millinery modelled photo shootTo be honest, I prefer working with ‘ordinary’ (non-professional model) women anyway! It makes it more of a challenge for me to work with the person, make them relax into the role of the model and to bring out the best in them. Because I am also a portrait photographer, I enjoy the process of helping someone who isn’t used to being in front of the camera get used to it, and even start enjoying it.

hat model for Joanna Zara Millinery

This photo shoot was so much fun, as are all photo shoots with this team. My aim is always to have a good time while I work. Be professional and organised and work to the schedule, but work doesn’t have to be stressful and boring. And I’m glad to say my shoots never are.

photographer brighton modelled hat photoshoot

Joanna Zara Millinery

green hat with teal ribbon

For our last shots of the day we took some photos in the dark, showcasing Joanna Zara’s special ‘glow-in-the-dark’ hats! Back in Finland, everyone wears reflective materials either within their clothes or as dangling reflectors attached to their clothes with a safety pin. I’ve always been baffled by the fact that this is not a custom in England at all, especially seeing as most people wear very dark winter clothes which make it even harder for cars to spot pedestrians and cyclists on/near the roads. Well, this might be the answer! Joanna’s new winter hats have reflective material within the design. Makes the wearer safe AND stylish during the darker months of the year.

designer hat with glow-in-the-dark reflective material

For your own, bespoke hat desires, contact Joanna Zara Millinery.

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