Brothers in Sync

I have these two Finnish cousins who are brothers and about two years apart in age. One of them was living in England and had an English girlfriend, and the other one in Germany and had a German girlfriend. Without telling anything about their plans to anyone in their family – including each other – these two brothers got engaged to their respective girlfriends on the very same day. They only found out about this coincidence when they called their parents back in Finland to tell the good news.

And so I photographed one brother’s wedding in England and the other brother’s wedding in Finland about 18 months ago. Of course they didn’t want to have their weddings on the same day… But…

bride laughing

wedding couple dancing

…last weekend I received news of another coincidence in their lives: both their wives had a baby on the very same day, only about an hour apart – one in England and the other in Finland! Imagine that! I’m completely expecting these brothers’ second children to be born on the same day, as well. And maybe their children will get married to their respective partners on the same day… I mean, it’s kind of looking that way, right!