Essex Interior Designer photo shoot

I did another interior designer photo shoot with Raspberry Interior Design last week. This time we visited five clients’ home to take photos of Tracey Hatch’s designs. The first one was one of Tracey’s modern designs for a room dedicated to watching movies at home. It included this stunning red leather sofa.

modern interior design movie room

And beautiful fabrics in the adjacent room.

texture fabric chair

Next we visited a home with a slightly more traditional living room design.

Raspberry Interior Design living room

Amongst other things, featuring these curtains made with two different fabrics.

two fabric curtains

Geometric pattern tiles in an en-suite in another home.

textured bathroom tiles

This next home had an extra special feature for me – a very silly Oscar who was holding onto his security blanket most of the time. I managed to get a photo of him without it, but he doesn’t look happy about being separated from it for the photo.

golden retriever

The room he was in is another example of Tracey’s classic touch – stylish, beautiful and cosy.

The last home of the day had a modern rustic design.

modern rustic kitchen interior design

This was our third photo shoot together. It is such a delight to work with Tracey as her designs are beautiful and she knows what she wants to showcase, which makes it very easy for me to make the exact kind of photos that she wants. Communication is the key, of course. If you are interested to see more, click here for for my previous photo shoot with Raspberry Interior Design.

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