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Brighton Photographer – Fire Garden at Stonehenge

Last night I went to see Fire Garden at Stonehenge, and what a wonderful experience it was! It was created by French arts group Compagnie Carabosse – the same group who lit up and transformed Brighton’s St Ann’s Well Gardens into a magical place during last year’s Brighton Festival. Here are a few photos I took last night….

Mobile phone photography

Mobile phone cameras are brilliant! It’s the only camera I have on me all the time, which means wherever I am I can take photos of what I’m seeing. Last night I was walking home through Brighton and I noticed that there was a lot of mist in the air, so I thought I’d see…

Jonny Woo

Last night I went to see Jonny Woo at The Marlborough Theatre in Brighton, and what a fantastic gig it was! His dexterous vocal abilities amazed me, and his peculiar peppery poems and whimsical stories had me laughing more than I have laughed in a long time. Here are some shots from the show. I highly recommend…